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Genealogy by Aryn
Genealogy by Aryn
Discover Your Family History

Welcome! I'm Aryn Youngless, a genealogist, specializing in piecing together ancestry mysteries and crafting keepsake family history books – I combine genealogy research with a passion for telling captivating stories. 


Let's discuss your family history goals! I offer a no-obligation, half-hour FREE consultation to help you discover the stories waiting to be unearthed in your family history.


Schedule your free consultation today!

John C.

"Aryn offered insight into my family that was unknown to me, and gave me a story to share with my family. She connected all the dots on both sides of my family and introduced me to family members I never knew existed, but we’re an integral part of the story. I highly recommend Aryn to help you connect all your “family dots” and create your story to share with family and friends."

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