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5 Websites you can upload your DNA to!

So you’ve taken a DNA test with AncestryDNA or 23andMe, but the pool of DNA relatives you’ve found is small, or perhaps no one replies when you reach out to them.

Did you know that there are multiple websites you can upload your RAW DNA results to that will help you connect with other DNA relatives - FOR FREE? 

If you are using your heritage DNA results to learn more about your family history or to find a long lost relative - and you haven’t found those answers withing your AncestryDNA or 23andMe results - you need more options!

While AncestryDNA has the largest DNA subject database, what if your relatives tested with a different company? How can you expand your search without emptying your wallet? Well, here are a Five companies who will analyze your raw DNA and connect you with more DNA cousins for free.

  1. MyHeritage - While MyHeritage has its own DNA test, it also allows you to upload your Raw DNA from Ancestry or 23andMe. Yes, there are limitations - You cannot use other features offered by MyHeritage, like their databases. BUT! You can see other DNA relative matches from around the world. This site helped me link up with my family living in Eastern Europe.

  2. Living DNA - Like MyHeritage, there are features you cannot access, but you will have a new list of DNA Relatives to research. Like most companies, Living DNA updates one to two times a year, but they send DNA matches around once a month.

  3. FTDNA or Family Tree DNA - FTNDA not only allows you to upload your raw DNA, but it also provides you the option to upload multiple kits. Personally, I manage multiple DNA accounts on Ancestry (and 23andMe), so having access to upload more than one has proven useful for my Family History Research. They have pay add-ons (origins, ancient origins, and chromosome painter), but you will automatically gain access to a list of people you share DNA with.

  4. Genomelink - Genomelink actually offers more than some of the other sites. From an ancestry summary (where your family originated) to genetic traits, they also list DNA Relatives.

  5. Finally, GEDmatch - GEDmatch may not be as flashy as some of the other free upload sites, but they offer a ton of information. From doing side-by-side DNA analysis of one or more matches to heritage reports and more - all of it is free.

These five sites will help you break down brick walls and learn more about your family history by providing you with connections to your living ancestors.

Until next time, Happy Record Hunting!

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