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Genealogy by Aryn


Explore my beautifully designed genealogy workbooks, lovingly created to guide you through the intricate process of tracing your family lineage, and don't forget to visit my Etsy shop! Stocked with digital downloads designed to be added to your Family History Binder!

My Mom. Her Story." is a guided journal designed to help you share your life story with your loved ones. This simple, thoughtful keepsake will empower you to capture the moments, memories, and wisdom that have shaped you.


my mom her story journal shop image.png

This workbook includes family tree diagrams, fill-in-the-blank biography pages, family interview questions, family recipes and traditions, drawing pages, scavenger hunts, and more. Inspire your kids or grandkids to become young genealogists and preserve your family's history with this hands-on genealogy workbook! ​ $8.00

The Genealogy Journal is a beautifully designed, ultimate family tree organizer. This thoughtful journal makes it easy to document your genealogical and family history research to help you piece together your family's unique and unparalleled story.

With dedicated sections to record ancestral lines, family group sheets, heirlooms and artifacts logs, and research notes, this journal helps you keep track of everything you learn about your family history. It includes helpful prompts and charts to organize important dates, places, names, relationships, and historical context.


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