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Want to know more about your Family History or to get past a Brick Wall in your research? Drop me a message using the contact form below.


Be sure to check out my testimonials, and for quick answers, visit the FAQ section below.

John C.

"Aryn offered insight into my family that was unknown to me, and gave me a story to share with my family. She connected all the dots on both sides of my family and introduced me to family members I never knew existed, but we’re an integral part of the story.


I did learn that undertaking a genealogy study is a labor intensive process involving a lot of research, patience and above all, follow up…and Aryn did it all!


I highly recommend Aryn to help you connect all your “family dots” and create your story to share with family and friends."

Lynn S.

"I was trying on my own to find documents to support my application for dual citizenship with Greece, but hit a roadblock. Aryn was especially helpful as she was able to find some documents relating not only to my grandfather but to his brothers as well. She knew all the places to look.


With these documents, I feel confident in presenting a package to the Consulate.


I learned a lot of interesting facts about my family during this process!"

Kelly W.

I am astonished to find out that not only were my dad and uncle veterans of war, but they even had a direct connection all the way back to the Continental Army who signed up for the Revolutionary War. Wow. Military in the bloodline.

Kurt W.

I didn't know anyone beyond my grandparents. Aryn was able to find my 4x grandfather's last will from Cleveland, Ohio, in the 18th century

Maxine M.

My family had started on ancestry but got stuck. We're grateful for FINALLY having a fuller tree we all can share.


Q: What services do you offer?

A: I offer ancestry research, family tree building, genealogy guidance, customized family history books, assistance searching records, and a Genealogy Concierge Service (read more here).


Q: What areas and records do you specialize in?  

A: I specialize in North American records but have experience in British, Irish, Italian, German, and Eastern European genealogy research. I frequently work with census records, birth/death/marriage certificates, immigration documents, military records, and other common repositories.


Q: Do you conduct research for other countries too?

A: While the bulk of our experience is with American genealogy, I have researched ancestral lines into Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Q: Help! I have a Brick Wall in my tree! Can you break it down?

A: Anyone who has researched their family history has hit a brick wall from time to time. While I can't guarantee I will be able to break it down, I can assure you I'll work to get you closer to the answers you are looking for. 


Q: How long does research take?

A: Most genealogy projects take 4-6 months to conduct thorough research. Rates and timelines vary significantly based on the depth of information requested and availability of records. 


Q: How much does your service cost?

A: My fees vary and depend on the extent of research needed. With all of my services, I provide a free 1/2 hour consultation to make sure we're a good fit and that I will be able to help you. If you have specific questions you want to answer, check out the Genealogy Concierge Service, which is designed to be affordable. 


Q: What information do you need to get started? 

A: To start, we'll need names, suspected birth/death years, locations, and any other genealogy basics like immigration dates that you already have. The best place to start any genealogy adventure is with you - the person you know the most about. 


Still have questions?  Use my online contact form, and I'll respond within 24 - 48 business day hours.

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