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Genealogy by Aryn Family Heritage


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FREE Half-Hour Consultation

Not sure where to start? Why not schedule a half-hour free consultation. By phone or via video calling, we can sit down and discuss what you are looking to achieve in your genealogy and family history quest.

Family Tree Package

General research and analysis of your family tree.

One research goal (one family line - one geographical location). This package will help you learn about more recent ancestors: parents and grandparents.

Origins Package

Comprehensive research and analysis of your family tree. Up to THREE research goals (multiple lines and multiple locations). Learn about your deep heritage and the legacy of earlier ancestors: how they lived, worked, and played. Expanded family tree.

Unlimited Research

A monthly report on a specific research goal, monthly updated pedigree tree, and family tree.

Brick Wall Research

Hit a brick wall in your genealogy research? 

These tough research problems often appear as a dead-end in your research that, after many hours of searching and analyzing the paper trail, still do not produce any answers.

Genealogical Research Concierge Service

Designed to be cost-effective, the Genealogical Research Concierge Service allows me to work alongside you on a specific research question. You submit a specific question focusing on a single person, closely related people, or event. Questions should not be too broad, cover too many ancestors, or not have a clear objective.

Ancestry Quest Package

Broad research and analysis of your family tree.

Up to two research goals (two family lines - multiple locations). Package 2 will help you learn about grandparents and great-grandparents.

Legacy Lines Package

Extensive research and analysis of your family tree. Up to FOUR research goals (multiple lines, generations, and locations). Build an extensive legacy tree that can be handed down to other generations.

Family Tree Analysis

This service provides a comprehensive analysis of an individual's pre-constructed family history.

Includes genealogical proof (documentation) to confirm relation to ancestors or to rule them out.

Dual Citizenship Preparation

This service is designed to help you obtain the documents you need to apply for dual citizenship

For more information, including extended details and pricing - visit BOOK ONLINE 

**NOTE: Bookings are not final until a contract has been signed and a retainer has been collected. 

All bookings are subject to Aryn's approval.**


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